August 9, 2016

yesterday - summer day

an unsexpected visit by our cousin was marking yesterday.two very happy girls, all day long, playing what ever was popping up in their mind. lots of play with the chickens, swinging and some time indoors, while i was doing loads and loads of laundry, taking advantage of a wonderful sunny day to air some bedding.
it all was like a dream going to bed in a sun filled fashion, this is one of the best things, which can happen to me.
later in the afternoon, we went to a little park and playground near by, as the girls wanted to go there and climb. more fun and i got to read a bit. if you ask me, it was a perfect summer vacation do what you want day and for a perk, i even got the laundry done!

more of those days, please. i would take them all.

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