August 10, 2016


an other little look back 10 days ago in virpazar, we stood there at the edge of the river, looking out onto the meandering river flowing into lake skadar. it was, we are all clear on this one, a wonderful family vacation and so much fun with the kids.
thinking back, we were very uncertain about the whole kayaking idea, as thea is not really at a paddling age yet and elias can be super focused and speed oriented in contrary to amos. that boy prefers leaser and story telling, even while working.

well it worked out in all kind of pairs. what we did not try was, having elias and naomi in one kayak. it is interesting to say the least, how our youngsters are building up their character. i so love to watch them, those 10 days of family vacation were awesome in this regard too.

thank you my family for taking me along.
i absolutely love you, each and every little and big person in our family.

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