August 2, 2016

montenegro I

it was a wonderful 11 days we spent in montenegro.the planned family vacation at a not super crowded spot on the adriatic sea. it all started out, that we felt like, we wanted to do some type of water vacation, as the kids love the element. my idea was to go north and enjoy the fjords of norway. though the kids were not up rot this, as swimming and snorkeling was on their minds. so the discussion was on, where to go, within europe and not to hit the hotspots, like southern france, italy, korsika, spain? well there was a lot of looking around, and some more trying to find a good location with the possibility of those activities, like kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, and going into a city. i found a wonderful helper with beyond travel. 

they quickly came up with the idea to visit montenegro, specifically the bay of kotor, and so we did!
a little insight into the past weeks are posted here
 not just sports but there are other hobbies which needed to be enjoyed

 and a short but bike tour with spectacular views

 then of course lots of kayaking and sun bathing, watching the clouds

we climbed the walls of kotor, picnicked and enjoyed every moment of the breathtaking view of this natural and cultural historic site

 had a lovely tiny apt to stay in and feel at home almost as part of the extended family of our hosts

enjoyed wild life and the not so wild side of it as well. visited cetinje

and more tomorrow


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Wonderful photos!! The one of the person jumping off the cliff made me a little dizzy though!! : ) xo

~ Wendy

Pete Burt said...

These pictures are fantastic! well done finding somewhere off the tourist trail.