September 7, 2017

anna bullinger-adlischwyler

i had a meeting in zurich today, in the early evening hours. so i took the joy to stroll through the niederdorf via neumünster und zwingliplatz. for one reason or the other, the light was perfect. as a late summer day - early evening light should be, warm and smooth, bright but not glaring hard...

the signs seemed new and shiny, but i'm sure they have been there for many years already. never the less one sign has been brand new, at least new to me and it is an interesting one. i love new things of course even more if they tell stories of woman long gone.
this new and special plaquette, tells a little bit about heinrich bullinger's wife (pastor at the neumünster 1531-1575), anna bullinger-adlischyler.
it is encouraging and i'm glad that we are finally honoring historic women and their work, life and acomplishements. it has not been done for way too long. and this one, anna bullinger-adlischyler has been very important. as we look back and see how the wifes of the reformed pastors have been very influential as this was a very new role. those women have given meaning to family life, to nurtering the children within the household and the importance of hospitality. creating a lively community in the church, organizing those rather big housholds and raising children in the mids of it all. being companions to their husbands, equal partners and standing strong in all the trouble the new reformed churches were standing up for the preaching and teaching of the word.

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