September 12, 2017

communing :: living :: being

after a summer with everyone having all kinds of plans and doings, i feel like we have just managed to settle down a bit and gather together in our community. it has been a good summer in many aspects. starting out with a move out and a new person moving in. one person having a really good and stable summer, which is really not guaranteed, especially not on times when we as a family are on vacation and out of the house for longer than a few days. and of course our kids as well as myself, we all have had a their bunch of adventures.
we took the chance of having this wonderful scaffolding built all around our house for a couple more weeks, to "climb up" and capture the moment.

the work is making good progress. the two carpenters are doing a fine job and next monday the metal workers are starting with their part of putting up the gutters and eaves. a good two weeks more and the painter will also be done with renovating the windows.
it's a puzzle and it is exciting to see the progress. thea enojoys it the most, when she gets up, opening the window and greeting the workers on the scaffolding and roof...
and yes they enjoy a happy up beat greeting too!

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