September 13, 2017

the o so happy color read

this looks already very nice. i'm glad that the workers are making progress, as they have to fight the weather this week. it has been a mixed few days, with wind and rain and then again sunshine and running clouds. the skyes have been gray and blue in all shades of hue.
some days, thea hands the workers ice creme, the other day we bring them steaming hot cafe. but they brace it all and work on. it is nice to see the progress of their work. every day a bit more of those eavs are getting ready for the metal worker to get started.

and then there is the wonderful bloom in the boxes on our balcony. this too is wonderful to see and observe, how the geranium and daysies are strong in their second bloom. it is very pretty and after a bit of a stretch of almost no flowers by mid august, i didn't expect the plants to be so strong again. thank you mother nature!

some other parts of my little beginnings of garden don't look that impressive. i can't even take pictures, this would be too embarassing. but well, lets look at the lovely geranium and i'm happy and will forget the pumpkins and cucumbers which should have been growing until now...

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