September 27, 2017

the baby hedghog

we sighted a little hedghog inside the chicken fence...
of course we had to rescue "him", as he seemed unable to find his way out the gate, again. what a wonderful little animal, curling up in a ball. with all its quills (uups, i just learned that a hedghog has spines. this would be the technically correct term, as spines are not hollow. they are hardened hair and taper off at both ends. quills have a hollow core and can be released at will, not so spines).

we have had grown hedghogs in our garden for the past years. usually two big ones, and yes they can be loud when fighting each other. this one seems rather small and young. it looked healthy and was walking off, as soon as we were quiet and observed from a few yards away. it would be exciting to have this little guy find a good spot in our pile of twigs and leafs and garden cuttings. i intentionally keep those heaps in different places in our garaden.

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