September 19, 2017

soup season upon us

soup season is upon us, and so i got started with a vegetable broth and pasta letters for lunch today. it has been too long, since i have given this soup a spot on the table. the girls loved it, not just our two girls, but thea's friend too. and i absolutely enjoyed their love for soup...
maybe soup wasn't the real enjoyment, it was the letters! of course, the letters fulfill their duty with certainty.
everyone got crafty and creativ with arranging and writing words on the rim of their plate. and because thea and her friend made it home on time, we were able to linger with the soup and the broad rim, inviting us to write.

there was a second course too. apple tart, simple and delicious, loved by everyone. i knew i could not be wrong with this meal joice and i was right. not one child walked in and sad anything provocative or critically negative about the smells in the air... and so today was smooth sailing, i would call it a success. and yes i will serve the combo again.

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