September 5, 2017

under construction III

it was a perfect day to take down the next part of our roof. the weather has been nice all day and it looks like no rain tonight either. this makes working on our roof so much easier. the carpenters took down all the old insulation, the rotten rafters and old decaying 2x4's as well as the head boards and undercovers. this part of the roof was in bad shape. all of the head boards and most of the undercovers have to be replaced. it appears as there was water leaking in at the chimney for the central heat. it must have been leaking for a long time already as even the rafter is totally rotten, it slipped right out.

for my part, i have been busy baking and making coffee....
it's something i enjoy and it seems to me, that the workers really enjoy and like my baked goods. and of course the kids do too, as they get left overs and new kinds of cake, i have not made in a while.
so lots of good things going on, on top of, as well as in the house...

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