June 5, 2009

10 things i did today

1. finishing up naomi's dress for her violin recital tomorrow afternoon
2. bake a loaf of banana bread, for the reception of the violin recital
3. sell the 8" conga on craigslist
4. practice violin with elias and naomi
5. grocery shopping and drop books off at the library
6. had four successful times with thea on the pottie
7. wash, hang and fold laundry before it rained on it...
8. let go of keeping elias' schedule, he managed to think of sailing and be on time without me!
9. get my hiking shoes back from a superb shoe repair shop (they were waiting there for 3 weeks...) i absolutely loved the shop, lamech sebanakitta and his crew are one good team!
10. prepare a quinoa salad for dinner

---well done, and some of the kids are already happily sleeping!---
it's 9:25pm

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