June 22, 2009

every day

we live in community, we share every day with people we grew to love and treasure. it is a good thing a wonderful experience for me as well as the kids.
sometime it's challenging, for our friends as well as me and the kids. that's life and it is a much richer life as we share our everyday routines. as we work on our own things and m appears to have a snack. it's not easy for the kids to keep focused on their school work on our own food... but we learn and often we let the distraction overcome the focused work. the distraction will lead us into an other focused conversation, a teaching opportunity, a learning experience as i could not offer it.
sharing a house, a kitchen, a meal often unintended but full of life, full of love for each other and passion for the things we get tangled up in. thank you s, j and m for sharing life with us!

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