June 3, 2009

the village frock

originally the fabric was intended for a second maternity dress a year ago....
it didn't happen and so it landed on the shelf with so many other bits and pieces of other fabric.
that's fine, i don't have an issue with good quality materials being stored away for a while.
then a few months ago i stumbled across the village frock pattern...
i knew then, i wanted to make this dress for naomi, so i bought the pattern from sugar city.

here we go, she is already on her third week of trying some interesting foods, beside mama's milk.
we started on a week of pureed carrots, then it has been a week of avocado and this week is banana. and then there was that wanting to eat no matter what, grabbing onto what ever is in her reach!
this time it was a piece of bread crust! and she loved it, more chewing and gnawing then eating, like the other foods too. it will be learned and we are in no hurry.

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