June 19, 2009

home school share

what a great moment for amos to share his learned drumming skills last night, at homeschool share. we all had the best time and it was truly impressive to listen and see the kids works.

the string orchestra was playing two pieces without any assistant. congratulation to o the first violinist for leading. the harp and cello piece was superb, wow was about the only comment i could think of, two teenagers presenting their musical ability very professional.
there was a classical guitar, a cello, an other violin piece to listen as well as a trumpet accompanied by piano.

a sherlock holms play put on by a reading club and a was playing the electric guitar for us accompanied by dad on the saxophone and two other professional musicians (note the drum set is amos's, it was funny to see an adult at the "tiny" set!). of course we all enjoyed the DI groups presenting little bits of their work from a winter half year long gone.
thank you b for organizing the share and thank you all the kids and parents for making it happen.

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