January 12, 2010

curtains for the 6 year old

naomi wished curtains for her bedroom. and that's definitely a wish i loved to hear.
we were in the city last friday and stopped at a curtain place just before it closed. in the back corner of the store was some shelf space reserved for "scraps" i love those corners and it didn't take long to find what we wanted.
we got four pieces of fabric, light blue and plum. good quality day curtain fabric. it's more gauze like and i loved it right away.

in one evening i was able to get all the gliders on. and yesterday morning, when naomi was in kindergarten i took the opportunity and did the hems (with the 'new' machine from my mom).

there were some wonderfully knit curtains from my mother in law to find in one of my boxes (from the move)
as well as an idea found in soulemama's book "the creative family".

i wanted some playful and changeable curtain for naomi. something which can be rearranged often and in many ways. there were already two metal rods up mounted on the sealing, so i just had to come up with things to hang on gliders...

the different "objects" can be moved back and forth, except the knit curtains, they are fix in their places.

of course now there have to be more of those garlands...
with lot's of enthusiasm is naomi now at work to add to her window dressing.
it seems like she loves it and i like the idea, that she can add and change and switch.

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Anonymous said...

Very, very cool. We have a few clothespin fairies in India's window. I love the felt garlands!