January 8, 2010

one small change

through solemama's blog i stumbled upon hipmountainmama's blog and the whole challenge of "one small change". it has been very interesting to see what folks are changing in their lives, i love to read through the list and blogs of changes...

we live car less, we use water saving shower heads. we compost organic matter, recycle what ever is possible, paying bills paperless, "upcycling" cloths, hang our laundry, use cloth diapers and mostly second hand cloths. we try to buy local (this is relatively easy in switzerland, compare to the US).
though the laundry detergent is not at all eco friendly, this is a bit tricky, as we live in community. we share our household with 8 other adults and i have to figure out how we can shop eco friendly laundry detergent.
some of the folks seem to be in love with fabric softeners, they want the scented detergent and they also don't want to spend more money on detergents. but i will do some research and figure out what compromises we can make and hope to be able to feel good about the planned change. we all use the same washer and buy detergent in bulk, but it really should be a "safe" detergent if you ask me, let's get started...
and i'm sure there are many more small changes we could make in our every day life to aid to cure our planet!

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