January 13, 2010

outdoors and in one

it has been snowing and it's one wonderful world out there, this a peak into our garden behind the house.
we love it, though naomi is not yet satisfied, she is still hoping for one big snow storm. a so called blizzard...
she remembers the once we had in the past years living in boston.
but the lowlands of switzerland are not blizzard land, sorry naomi. i know how she feels. i absolutely enjoyed the evenings, the days and nights when it was snowing and howling around the house and then in the when all was still again, a wonderful miraculous white world. half a yard or so, and then even better the snow drifts! big jumps and the kids were gone...

indoors it's warm and cozy, we enjoy the little flowers grandma got for naomi's birthday. flowers in winter, little pink daisies they make a bleak foggy day happy in no time.

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