January 7, 2010

vacation days 3

the first two should have been posted yesterday...
sorry i totally forgot them in my file.

i love both of these photos, it's so much amos and it brings his personality out like not many other photos. he is our entertainer, he loves to make people laugh, he enjoys himself so much if everyone starts to listen and watch him, he is language savvy and comes up with quotes and knowledge from how knows where.
we love having him in our family, life is never boring with him around.

in contrast to our people person amos, elias loves the solitude! yes when ever possible out there in the woods or as here in the snow! he also had a good time on vacation, it snowed and he got to build ramps for sledding and just plain shoveling for the good reason to serve other people, and of course earn money....

this the view from the south facing windows of my parents, what an intriguing shadow this tree has. i just love to be on vacation. no haste to go or be anywhere else, just be and enjoy! (this last photo is by joel)

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Alicia said...

Beautiful pictures, Daniela and Joel! Alexa of course loves the ones of Amos in his clown nose! She received his sweet postcard today. I am so glad these two are becoming pen pals! Happy New Year!