January 4, 2010

thank you mama

a friend of mine played the song for me and i absolutely love it. it was like honey for me to hear it. especially as i'm wrestling with the change the kids go through now.
it's not a smooth ride to help them settle in their new surroundings. to find their place in a new class room, be one of 20 other kids, having to figure out how the teacher want's them to do their school work.
and then it's me their mama who is also expecting them to tell me about their experience at school, how they feel and what they did and if one could help with home work and many more expectations on my end.it must be overwhelming.

and me mama is dealing with not being in charge all the time, not being in control, not having to be responsible either if things don't pan out the way they imagined (or better put, i hoped for). there is a lot which is in my heart in my brains of being a mama, a loving, gentle and patient mama.

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Acacia said...

D, thanks for the update and for the song and your words...now that we have 3 kiddos we are feeling the reallity of not being in control like never before...not that we ever really had it but it feels especially challenging to let go and let flow...let go and let God. You are a great Mama...keep it up!