January 19, 2010

thea in the kitchen 2

in lot's of our meals i use onions and garlic, be it risotto, spinach, collard greens, any tip of stew, tomato sauce, sauteed carrots, salad dressing, all kinds of casseroles....
this has the implication, of me mincing onions and garlic almost every day once if not twice. i don't mind and i realized quickly thea doesn't mind either. she loves to help me, the skins of both sorts of roots is lending itself perfectly to be peeled by her little fingers!
there is one moment though when things turned to a not so sunny face, biting into a garlic is not a very delicious act. of course i was telling her, that she certainly would not like the taste, and of course that's not worth anything, trying herself helped, though.

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Alicia said...

You are so quick and talented with the camera, Daniela!!! Great shot. Thea will love that photo when she gets older! What a wonderful little helper you have there. This picture reminds me of the times we used to bathe Alexa in the kitchen sink.