April 19, 2011

ATC's being sent out

we have been participating in a kids ATC swap a couple years ago and loved it. it's very exciting to create those little pieces of art. the 3.5 by 2.5" cards are a very nice size for kids to not get lost and fill the card with a desired design or collage or what ever they want. we have been waiting for an other swap for a while and no finally just a few weeks ago we found it at abbie's blog bright eyes & blue eyes. of course the older three wanted to participate, so i signed them up. we got the matching lists and have been working on the ATC's.
Amos has already labeled his six envelops and they are ready to post. naomi has to write some note's on the back of her ATC's and elias will have to pack his into envelopes and get them ready by the afternoon.

amos got his mind set on the nanomania collection of his. he was even writing some stories up for the caracters and sent those along...

naomi was not set on one idea, but like her own self lots of different ideas and even diving into collage gluing

here we go, posted are all the little pieces of art, mostly to america, some to canada and england. it was fun and we really liked to participate. even though it was a bit of a stretch at the end, writing addresses etc... i guess that's all part of it, and if you ask me endurance is a life skill!

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