April 13, 2011

indoor it's spring too

it was raining all day yesterday, not strong but still not very appealing to be outside. the perfect afternoon for naomi to take her water paints out and get to work. she ended up with a summer scene, sun-pool-jumpingboard, already dreaming of it! and then she added the people to the scenery. she did it in the past too. taking some news paper and crumpling it up, adding tape to form it into a person. it looks good and it's fun to do. one of the guys on her collage is jumping, she caught the figure mid air, her mind is great!

in our living room are two glass jars, very simple and still intriguing. i love the snail houses, they are little works of art and nature indoors is good too.

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becoming claudine said...

What a creative kid -- fantastic!

I love your spring pictures, so lovely!