April 26, 2011

weekending was wonderful

a few days with many a good thing

::enjoying the traditional good friday fish dinner

::decorating eggs, the kids and women were intensely involved for a good moment

:: a pleasing out come, with turmeric and coffee grinds, not in the photo were the cabbage coloured eggs

::a bit of knitting has happened too

::lots of sunning and enjoying to be in the country side

::getting to enjoy some old childrens booklets, this particular one is one, i have grown up with

::easter breakfast a big treat for all, before heading out for church
::jesus is risen, indeed hi is risen, Halleluja!

::of course egg rolls, chocolates had to be hidden by adults and found by the kids

::lots of resting and being
::a many good moments to work on the farm for the boys
::jumpoline is thea's word for going to jump on the big trampoline...

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