April 7, 2011

its really spring

for some reason we skipped muddy season this year. we did not have a whole lot of snow after the big december snowstorms. it was a very dry late winter and spring sprung early...
i personally don't mind skipping all the muddy puddles of march, but the kids did miss them.
visiting my brother no the farm over the weekend was great. lots of playing and running around barefoot

no one could escape the energy of spring.
even the calf was being harnessed and taken on a walk by the bigger kids and their opa.

yes this little gutter didn't have to do a lot of work this this spring. it's somehow one little corner which i like to look at. a detail which is impressed since childhood, that little roof over the doorway to my home for the first long childhood and young adult stretch of my life. who knows how much longer it will be there, as the house will have to undergo some major outside renovations soon.

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