April 6, 2011

forest for the trees

a couple weeks ago elias, naomi and i decided to participate in a collaborative art project by amy caterina based at arroyo arts collective, called "Forest for the Trees". the three of us were so excited to use our skills and scraps of yarn for this project that we got started immediately.

elias was very quickly in crocheting some kind of a web, which we decided that i will be adding flowers to it

naomi chose three bits of wool, from one of our grandmas and did what she is confident doing totally on her own, finger-crocheting. when she ran out of yarn we rolled it up at one end and added some little flowers and strands. all of her liking

of course the littlest had to help me too with the flowers

i'm excited and will send our contributen off tomorrow morning. i'm also very happy to have crafty children which are up for some fun creative working for someone else!

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