July 11, 2011

a quick walk before the storm

lets go on a quick walk...
being at my parents in law for lunch, having enjoyed a wonderful meal, doing so on their balcony overseeing the toess, and savoring a glass of very good wine. yes there must be a quick walk before the rain hits!
the wind was already blowing strong, the smell of rain in the air. amos scooted as if it would be for his life and i loved to just breath the laden atmosphere in and take it all and keep it all!

one more loop, as the rain is still holding off. toward the town a quick thought back to our wedding day, in this church was the happy event happening, almost 17 years ago, a good sight and yes i'm missing joel as he is enjoying an extended trip to boston and right now is at the catskill's irish arts week, with elias in tow! most likely making music all week long...

i'm not a big fan of roses in vases, but rose hedges they are grand!

and a few yards closer to home, m & p's garden... yes there are already a few raspberries ripe. of course they tasted wonderful, thank you for sharing with us

a common milkweed along the road, a quick look and sighting of busy bumble bees, absolutely worth stopping and watching before the rain hits hard!
o and by the way, the smell is breathtaking, wonderful and sweet.

then the long expected down poor arrived with full force and the balcony was the best place to enjoy the rain and the company of grandpa and a good swing!

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