July 13, 2011

rain, rain we love you

a hot day was yesterday and it got really muggy by dusk, we could smell and feel the rain coming. the forecast had rain- and thunderstorms with "flood watch" for tuesday night. it was hard finding ones' sleep last night and i woke up at 2am to high winds and gushing rain and flashing all around. and somehow it was very calm no thunder was rolling, very strange. not long and the hail came down on the "not anymore sleeping" inhabitants of our little place on earth.
in a flash i ran to close the last windows and cover the chicken coop with a blanket (the see through polycarbonate roof...) the hail corns were not super big, but still coming down hard, the gutters didn't seem to be working at all. though it was spectacular to see the flashes all around us and the chicken didn't seem to mind after all.

the rain calmed down and this morning was a freshly washed outdoors waiting for us to play in.

the leftover water balloons from yesterdays play

and of course reading on the couch was a good alternative to getting wet outside. at least amos thinks so

the plants needed the water and i love to observe the droplets on all those plants. miraculously hanging on to the green

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