July 27, 2011

to the use of klaraepfel

it is a very old kind of apple the "klarapfel", either someone likes it or then not as it is very sour. the first apple of the year and i do remember my grandma telling me how wonderful it was to get the first apples in the summer. a very tart apple ideal for applesauce or backing. they don't keep well, the most 2 weeks refrigerated. and it must be harvested when the fruit is still white, as soon as it turns yellow the apple tastes mealy.

this old apple originated in lettland, and was introduced into europe via france. it is not anymore a popular apple, but still laden with memories, as older folks remember having had a "klarapfel"-tree in their yard and quickly getting a fruit from their neighbors tree on their way to school. this was all before the big storage houses were in place and apples are being stored all year round, and ready to be eaten at any given season.

i was asked by a friend, if i would like a big basket of "klaraepfel", to make apple or what ever i wanted. of course i answered. last week i got the call to come and pick them up. the plan was to go tomorrow, but my friend was quicker and already yesterday stopped by to bring me those promised apples. thank you r

the apples look very pale and yes they are sour. though while getting them ready for cooking we still ate a lot

after a few days of rain, we embraced the sunshine and worked in the garden

the chicken got their share and loved it

after cooking and mushing the apples, i added some honey and a cinnamon stick. a bit more cooking and then ready to put it into jars. of course we have already tried the yummy sauce and we look forward to cold winter days when we will be eating rice porridge and apple sauce. (one of the kids favorite dishes)

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Anonymous said...

Wir haben auch schon 7.5 Liter Apfelmus eingefroren... und es ist erst ein Teil der Ernte unseres Hochzeitsbaumes... Liebe Grüsse Andrea