July 7, 2011

summer spilling over

summer is not to be kept out of doors, we take it indoors too and we do this with lots of joy.
our life is full of colour right now, full of bright sunshine and i don't mind it too much to run around the house to our neighbor to use the toilette, as ours are still under construction. though i hope this will be over soon. maybe it makes me a bit more empathetic with our forefathers and mothers having to use the outhouse...
and yes it has been no problem not having the luxury of taking showers... especially the boys were super excited about it. the garden hose has come in handy and of course thea loves "mis hose" (my hose) to get herself and everyone around her wet!

:: summer is beautiful

:: the caterpillar has been with us for the past 2 weeks, it's going to become an old world swallowtail and an other very cool link

:: those are the very carrots we found the caterpillar on, of course on the greens...

:: red leave boston lettuce from the neighbors garden and our carrots for lunch today

:: the first potatoes are being scrubbed, we have enjoyed them for the past couple weeks and thea really really likes scrubbing

:: of course flowers are on our tables in every room to be found, either collected by the kids, picked on their way home from school or cut by myself in the garden

:: yesterday my friend stopped by with a lovely sunflower from her community garden plot, thank you k

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