July 5, 2011

under construction

it has been a while since we realized that our sewage pipes in the house are leaking... not that it was super smelly, but just some signs of moister here and there... and clogged pipes because they are super old and look more like a sieve than anything else...
the same with the water tank for the heating system. the tank was within the furnace block and we could see from the outside how every thing was totally corroded. and now we got the workers in the house, creating all the mess at once. not being able to use the toilets in the house... we do have a toilette across the hall within our house. though we have to climb out the window to the entrance over to the stairs and up two flights.... so far it has worked ok, thea has managed to cope well too.

can you see the hole in the sewer pipe coming from our bathroom?
and yes, no one told me this morning, i should not flush the toilette in our bathroom. the worker which was just then working at this corner got a shower...
bad news on the part of replacing the sewer pipes from under ground. there are as we should have expected lots of added factors confronting us which we were not aware, o this old house...

in this corner of our basement was the furnace, 4h until all the pipes and lines were demontaged. an other few hours and the boiler was installed. within just one day, only that one day we coped with the cold water. this was super fast and i'm glad i was able to take a warm shower yesterday night.

the laundry room is not used by me as for this week, i have to do without my "hobby". all the parts and tools are waiting to be used and mounted. the oil furnace will be replace with a gas heating, this will add one more drying room to our laundry facility. good news as 9 parties have to use it.

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