July 18, 2011

red current muffins

i love those little sour berries, and so do all the kids around me. the sweet muffin dough makes a perfect "back drop" for those little berries.

my neighbor invited me to come over and pick the berries from her two bushes. of course this you don't have to ask e twice! thea and i went over and got two bowls of the wonderful red fruit.
the first one is now made into juice, for the moment in the freezer, awaiting its final destination of being cooked into jelly, at a slower time of year.
some berries of course got eaten right away, thea loves them straight from the bush the best.
and then there is the muffin/cake which i love! here is the sheet cake which i made last year.
so yesterday was time for muffins...

i usually substitute some of the egg with rolled flax seed (shown here golden flax). about a big table spoon steeped in boiling water and then added as you do the eggs.

and here the recipe:

200 g soft butter
3 eggs
1 tbls flax seed steeped in boiling water
200 g sugar, i prefer brown sugar
1 pinch of salt, mix until the dough is light and fluffy

1/2 lemon juice and grated peel, add

200 g flour
1 tsp backing powder, whisk in just until smooth

2 cups red currents fresh from the bush, washed and taken from the stems, add and mix under the dough

fill the greased muffin tins (or use paper liners)
bake in preheated oven at 250F for ~25 min

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