July 25, 2011

the workers were busy last week

on last friday's {this moment} i did share a little peak into amos and naomi's "huettenbau" week.

over 80 kids and many adult leaders and teen helpers met each day of last week. monday until wednesday the huts were built, "pfahlbauer" (huts on stilts) was the motto and everyone was super enthusiastic about the work. thursday until sunday the kids were overnighting in their huts. each and every minute was loved, with bruises and splinters but very happy and new found friends are the two of them home again. a big thank you to all orange and green t-shirt wearers, you were wonderful volunteers leading and guiding the kids through this week.

a quick rest for the saw, this was very rare in the first two days

big dreams
all those volunteer daddies and mamies building with a dozen kids assigned to their hut (age 7-12)

it was amazing how quickly the second and third floors were nailed down

and of course stairs, ladders and railings. hammering was music in every ones ears

the second half of the week was iffy with the weather, lots of quick rains and mostly cool, never the less lots of fun. and of course at the entrance of each hut was a raincoat rack "designed" and constructed

seven huts, lots and lots of stairs and verandas and pathways up in the air.

our tour guide, very proudly on top of of the entrance to "his" hut

(photos have been taken in the course of last week, by joel and me)

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