August 29, 2011

life in our kitchen

:: friday and saturday was tomato day, i found all kind of heirlooms at the market. this is such a treasure to me, as i missed the big variety of tomatoes we could buy at farmers markets in boston.

:: everyone loves to snack on fresh black berries as well as raspberries, a summer treat. and we put some away for winter, our freezer is being loaded...

:: the colours of summer indoors

:: we ate plum tart on at least three occasions last week

:: baked four loaves of bread and a basket full of rolls. the rolls were coming along to a friends garden party on thursday evening, thank you k for hosting all of us

:: fish for lunch, wrapped in prosciutto, served with rice, lemon mayonnaise and lettuce, a recipe found in "cook with jamie"

:: there was a letter in the mail for thea, o how much kids love to get mail! note to self, write a few letters this week

:: not just cooking, living takes place in our kitchen, naomi worked on a series of paper cuts.

:: salad dressing was mixed in big quantities, lots of it already eaten again, as salad is a staple now a days

:: o i almost forgot, i did clean the windows in the kitchen. though they don't show it anymore, rain and kids finger prints show up day by day. i usually mind it for a moment but then get used to the fact that windows are also to be used!

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