August 10, 2011

the homecoming

the moment we were anticipating, we really hardly could wait to welcome elias back home. he spent 4 weeks with friends, playing music (his new violin), enjoying camp, biking, sailing, kayaking, laughing, joking and what ever else a 12 year old is loving to do.
a super over tired boy was meeting us at the airport on monday and he really was almost like dropping from the sky. very mixed up emotions after a good time with friends in the city he lived 10 years of his life...
thank you all over there in the "new world" for taking so well care of our boy. he is happily back and i think loved and savored every moment with old friends!

my housemate has a community garden and she planted lots of sunflower seeds as her dad has a whole field of them for farming. she cuts some of them every week and i feel like i'm the lucky third person who gets to enjoy all the bounty of her work and labor.

of course there is laundry, the weather has been perfect on my laundry day. i was able to hang three loads out on the line on monday after lunch and taking it in all dry just before it started pouring after 5pm! i love doing laundry outside, in the wind and under racing clouds with some sunshine speeding the drying process up just a little bit. i count this as the gift of the day!

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