August 11, 2011

the red around me

when i was sifting through the photos taken today, there was an obvious colour sticking out. it was a red day beside the tomatoes there was gooseberry marmalade from my mother in law spread on my breakfast bread.
thea was using a red marker to write on white paper as well as on her chubby little hands. we also devoured the last few pieces of water melon from yesterdays dinner. of course i should not forget the raspberry syrup in the middle of the afternoon. all kinds of shades of red, though it did not occur to me when i saw it. there was way too much going on around me. the boys and i stacked the one cubic meter cut wood behind the house, which the farmer we buy from unloaded in front of the house. and yes there was a splinter with some little red blood droplets, but not really serious red...

on the sill in the kitchen

our "antique" garden chairs (they must be old, as they were originally used by the cafe at least 25 years back, when the house we live in was a restaurant and cafe)

the knitting i'm working on, a diagonal scarf wool/silk tern from quince&co. in columbine/140. it is wonderful to work with and a super simple pattern. just the right project for busy days when i still find the time to quickly knit a row or two while telling a story or enjoying a snack with a friend.

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