August 23, 2011

in the valley and on the mountains

the second set:

we didn't need to go far for a lot of jumping and loud laughter

and the windows of the hut were very exciting too

of course "house keeping" was done by all of us, everyone in their own way and fashion

and thea loved to snack, we all loved to snack especially the mountain blueberries we picked on our hike

while amos was not bringing his bodhran along, he quickly found a much more interesting instrument of his own making...

of course we didn't just make music, there is some very deep listening going on too

being surrounded by nature, no automobile no electricity no nothing was treating us well

the water was cold, i was very happy with just dipping my toes, though the rest of family loved some real bathing in the calancasca near cauco. there is to comment, the bathing pool had to be built, first a couple hours of dam building and smoothing out of the river bed

walking home, up the mountain and looking forward to a yummy snack, of course

yes the ladies made it too and we enjoyed the fact, that thea was walking all of it too. lots of cheering and game playing

and the grand finale!

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Anonymous said...

sounds and seems like you all were/are having a blast!