August 22, 2011

ca da l'ava in masciadone

the first set of last week:

masciadone, ca da l'ava is the house behind the tree at the edge of the village, toward the valley

in the midst of goat stables, though the goats were all still up high on the mountain pastures

the view through the open door (it's the outhouse door...)

setting the table in front of the house, we all loved to be outside so much and surrounded by the mountains it was even better

brewing coffee, of course naomi loved to do it. building a little fire, just hot enough for papa's pot

sitting down for meals in the morning sunshine, we do call it vacationing

music making and being together a big part of late afternoons

pleasuring around the house

snacking on the front steps of the hut

lots of reading got done, which is a treasure i discovered a new this summer

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Amazing Daniela, you are literally the only person (let alone woman) I know who would see a photo of herself using a handsaw on a huge piece of wood while others are reading and reclining, and caption it "pleasure"! I love it!!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time roughing it.