August 25, 2011

what cloth pins are good for too

while i was kneading bread dough my neighbor stopped by and enjoyed a bit of fun with thea and the cloths pins which were still sitting out there in our back yard after hanging laundry...

two kilograms of flour is the usual amount i knead with the machine in two bowls. using the activ yeast and a mix of different grains as well as flax seed is added

i did have just one load of laundry today, this meant a large number of cloth pins were still left in the bag

having a fun neighbor is of course a great thing, i don't think this idea of decorating ones head would have sprouted in my head...

thea turned into lady liberty, didn't she!
it's just fantastic how quickly creativity can take over if no one interrupts or hinders it's flow.

this just a little moment of my otherwise very quiet and lovely morning. a few household chores, sunshine, laundry hanging, lunch preparations and sipping an iced coffee, i love summer

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