June 28, 2011

52 weeks of happiness

the project got started a while ago, and while i tend to not be very attentive to the happiness around me, this is leading me to it. i have taken tuesday's to take a quick stop, be still and enjoy the happiness in my life.

the clothespin bag has served many years well and i really liked the design of the fabric, very spring like with the chickens... of course chickens let my heart beat faster regardless. i had to mend this bag a many times already and finally gave in to duct-aping this spring and yesterday fancy struck... i cut an old wax cloth apart and copied the pattern from this old bag. it was a quick job and i'm happy to reuse that not anymore used wax cloth and also the wire from the old clothespin bag.

and then this morning we emptied out the old bag and of course had to play for a long while with the pins... sort them by colour, pin them on our fingers and onto each other into long rows....
lots and lots of fun.

and then finally they were filled into the new bag.

and i'm happy about it. i do have to admit i like the paisley design, though it could be in brighter colours, just to brigthen up the outdoor laundry hanging. never mind it is a wonderful thing to play with clothespins what ever they are being put in at the end of the game.

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Maria Rose said...

I love how mundane projects become adventures with little ones around!