June 6, 2011

being tourists in einsiedeln

visiting the benedictine abbey of einsiedeln (and here the wiki link), having a picnic out side of town and wandering through the abbey's horse stables was enjoyable. thea once more wanted to ride alongside, which was fun and we were able to go for a bit longer and on a bit faster pace, as if she would have been insisting on walking...

it is just impressive to see the buildings, which have been built so very long ago and are still in use. there is lot's of renovation going on at any time. right now it's the big square in front of the cathedral which is under construction. the church was consecrated in 948 and since then people were worshiping in it and living in it's surrounding buildings. i love to wander and pause and imagine what the stones would have to tell.

and then there is the black madonna with her many different dresses, in this photo just as souvenirs...

and yes we really had a wonderful time, thank you k for visiting

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