June 7, 2011

the poppy in my kitchen

this morning there were a bunch of poppies on our kitchen table....
what a wonderful sight, it is such a treat to see those flowers unfold. i marvel how those seemingly unspectacular green blobs of buds are going to end up being tissue like colourful flowers.

and i will include this to the project of 52 weeks of happiness
the project got started while ago, this is my second post for it. and while i tend to often disregard the happiness around me, this is leading me to it.

seeing those poppies in the kitchen, made me buy a plant at the market this morning and plant it behind the house....
iceland poppy in a milky shade of orange. and now i'm awaiting them blooming for the next few weeks right in front of my eyes. and i do hope they will not be mistaken with any kind of ball targets, by the playing kinds.

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Jessica said...

i saw some orange poppies the other day. so pretty. yes, like tissue paper! Zinedin did an art project with a round coffee filter: the kids draw on it with markers and then you make it wet and the colors spread. then you put a clothes pin in the middle and it is a butterfly. he chose orange and it kind of looked like the poppies.