June 8, 2011

right now

:: knitting the arms on the yellow tea leaf cardigan for naomi
:: listening to one more lecture on early church history by dr. garth rosell

:: eating the collected veggies from the fridge made into a pie

:: loving the fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and basil

:: organizing the next few days with the coming weekend away
:: being amazed over and over again how jumpy the kids are

:: standing in front of big heaps of dirty laundry

:: hanging the clean laundry into the warm breeze

:: watching elias working his bike up and down the curb, exhilarating and jumping
:: enjoying the poppies on the table one more day

:: awaiting the drawings in progress from the girls
:: looking forward to pick strawberries tomorrow (if the weather is nice)
:: knowing the pain in my neck will pass within a few days
:: taking it easy, and knowing that's ok

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