May 26, 2011

knitting and grilling

again and again i treasure our garden in the middle of the city. it's such a treasure, a little island where we live. a few birch trees, three tall pines and of course our shade tree the big chestnut.
some afternoon knitting under the tree is lovely, especially with the new project, a tea leaf cardigan for naomi. i was originally planning on using a different colour, but she decided on this one, it's ok with me.

the grill has been used all year round, ok midwinter was not really grill weather, but we used the tripod to hang a big kettle and have spiced cider. sometimes even cheese fondue....
now we are back to sausage, kebabs and veggies. the sausages this time were pork, directly from my brothers farm, and they are very yummy.
i'm sure there will be many fire to enjoy and lots of yummy dinners prepared in our garden


house full of jays said...

Mmm. I'd love to swing by for dinner! Pork from your brothers farm sounds so nice!
I'm hoping to start a tiny tea leaves soon, too. I love the colour your daughter chose!

Amanda said...

What is that lovely top you are wearing? Did you make it?