May 17, 2011

quince & co.

when my friend announced that she will be visiting in early may, i was set to order some yarn from quince & co. amanda was introducing me to them and the opportunity was just perfect. usually shipping cost's for overseas are a bit high and of course if above sfr 65 i have to pay import fees which makes it just too expensive to order.
so here we go, my friend was here and the yarn arrived safely.

carrie's yellow lark is not assigned yet, any ideas, please let me know in the comment section...

i'm so happy with the colours and will soon start a tea leaf cardigan for naomi with the columbine tern

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Alicia said...

What beautiful yarn, thank you for including the link and the photos, Daniela! There is a photo of a baby wearing a beautiful sweater on the Quince website.....looks like a very nice use for the yellow yarn. We are having one of those gray, wet springs here and so we are spending lots of time in our rain boots! I am finishing a scarf for myself, it will be felted and accented with different colors of poinsettias (also felted), on pins, to change with my moods this winter. :) When it is all done I will try to post pics on facebook. Hope to see photos of the dance recital soon. Alexa's is this weekend...she and Alex Kim have a pas de deux together. I get tears in my eyes when I watch them!