May 9, 2011

trip to st. gallen

hosting guest's from the "new world", which are interested in history, architecture and other "old stuff" is wonderful. it enabled us to take a trip to st. gallen and enjoy the abbey library which has currently a wonderful exhibit on music.
the next stop was the baroque cathedral, which is a world heritage site. just magnificent to see and even with my tiny bit of art appreciation, a very impressive sight. of course thea loved the acoustics the most!

just next door is the "st. laurenzen" church, such a different building from the outside as well as indoors. this is a "pfeiler basilika", very interesting in colour, especially having in mind a reformed church, (they are in general plain, very plain) this one is colourful and has wonderful geometrical designs. to add is it's sealing, i have not seen such a plain and intense sky in a church. deep blue and each casette with a golden star, it did make my heart jump for joy and amazement.

of course there was more on this trip and overall we had a wonderful time with our friends. thank you to the three of you for visiting.

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