May 12, 2011

it's raining outside

we are so spoiled this spring. the sun has been out and it was been warm for the past six weeks. so i do treasure a rainy day as we have it today.
i found some old josta juice in the freezer, there was a moment in my morning to cook jelly and fill a dozen glasses. the jelly from those sour berries is very tart, and i have to say i love it on my breakfast bread.
and then there is the memory, my mom always made josta jelly... and we totally preferred this one over the gooseberry, o well that one is hairy, too hairy to eat from the bush.

of course when it's wet outside i have a second look at the little cateye bouquet from the girls, love talking.

and an old game has newly being discovered by thea and i love to make patterns too

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