May 23, 2011

dancing boy

there is lots of energy going into dancing in a regular week of our big boy. he started to dance 5 years ago as we lived close to tony williams dance center. the move over to switzerland could not disrupt elias' desire to dance even more it was the first thing on his list of wanting to do and find a good ballet studio.
we did find an excellent studio in winterthur, simone cheremetteff is the head of "dance center winterthur". Elias also has the opportunity to get lessons from dimitry, which is just so fabulous to have him interact and learn from a man in the so female dominated ballet world.
i have been sewing a bit for the show of yesterday and it was, and all of us went to see the show of "from small steps to big jumps". enjoying the many different kids and adults dancing and of course we all are so proud of elias...

dancing in polianka

being the wolf in the "rotkaeppchen" scene

and being part of the show just in general. o yes he definitely is in his element. i'm glad he does have the opportunity to dance and be a regular boy. thankful for the time we homeschooled and he was able to find his passion without peer pressure prohibiting him from it.

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