May 11, 2011

a sunny day and the first strawberries

we did have had an other sunny spring day, though it seamed much more a summer day!
of course there was lots to do, around the house

the swing an all time favorite for all four kids

the hose is out and watering the still young bushes is chore most of us love in this warm weather

saturday is FairTrade day, i'm busy getting the canvas bags ready for a special event in the city...
i'm so glad my brother has found those bags in his barn. they have been dusty beyond though this is now changed, after rinsing and washing and hanging on the close line and lots of shaking the dust off. we will be dressing up in them, o well i'm not giving away too much, come and see for yourself saturday starting at noon in winterthur

the first of this season, regional fresh strawberries, yummy

after tasting the first ones, we enjoyed them in the "birchermuesli" for dinner

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becoming claudine said...

These photos are wonderful...the strawberries, the colorful chairs in the yard, it all looks wonderful!