May 10, 2011

10 things i enjoy at the moment

:: visiting friends, of course thea had to pack her "stuff" and we all enjoyed a sunny warm afternoon with friends
::the kids bedrooms, being all "spring cleaned" during last weeks cleaning splurge of mine
::having had long time friends over for a couple days, such a treat if people come and visit from across the atlantic

::there will be a bit more to this, it's a bee hive for wild bees
::the bright sunshine, putting my legs up for a moment and eating ice creme with the girls

::the finished table runner for my friend

::the swinging rope brings so much joy to the three big kids and watching them is my joy
::the stack of new fabrics and a dozen skeins of wool my friend brought over from "the new world", i'm sure there is more to come on this one
::managed to "shrink" (warm soapy wash) my hand knit cardigan to the perfect size

(by joel)
::joel and our guest's enjoyed the view from the saentis...
i enjoy the photos as i do know how it feels to stand on top of that mountain... i want to go again up there and breath fresh mountain air, the views of the peaks and hills around are burnt in my memory, still savoring it from a few years ago.

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