May 30, 2011

the yellow tub

it has been hot yesterday and thea insisted to take a bath in the yellow tub. it's perfect there is enough water heated up in the hose that the first filling for the yellow tub is just about right for a temperate refreshing bath.

no it is not boring at all, watching her is fun and she has been sitting in the tub for at least one hour... coming out for dessert and lemonade. o yes home made elder flower cordial, which a friend made herself. this would be a post in and of it self, though i will not go there. very simple pick elder flowers, a lot rinse them and soak them in a bucket of water with sugar. it will have to sit in the sun, covered with a tea towel, for a few days. you will have to try each night do find out if it is prickly enough...

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