June 15, 2011

our very own cherries

there was not one cherry on this tree last year. because of the weather!
though this is very different now. i do love the fact of having our own trees and i was able to get a farmer in town to take care of the problem with "kirschfruchtfliegen", those insects are a pest and i could not help but felt like, if we wanted to eat cherries from our tree we need to do what the common farmer does here... use insecticide. it was not my favorite call, though that's why we are now able to harvest the fruits grown on this tree.
i was looking at the red cherries last week and felt like we could pick them, though the weather was not quite right and that's why we went today. o yes and the fruit is ripe now and we love picking them...

my parents came and helped. and had a good time in the tree

and under the tree

the girls came along today and loved the lovely red snack. we all could eat as much as we wanted and that was just the best thing. standing up there on the ladder amidst the leafs and red cherries.
and yes there are no worms in those, they look and taste just perfect.
tomorrow afternoon will joel and elias do their share, and i'm sure we will head out again on thursday and firday too.

the first batch is in the freezer, though more about that tomorrow.

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